• Polygon.Codeforces Tutorial - A Guide to Problem Preparation [Part 1]

    This is the first part of my series on problem preparation for a programming contest. In this part, we are going to familiarize ourselves with Polygon – a modern platform for this purpose in a professional way! There are already a few posts on this topic, but for the completeness of the series, it would be nice to include this part.

  • I'm red! Now what?

    Recently I just became a Grandmaster(GM) on Codeforces (for one who does not know, this is currently the most popular site for competitive programming). Hoo ray for me! I guess. Well, I thought that maybe I should do some celebration, sort of. But… I don’t know. Becoming a GM was a small goal of my goals in my competitive programming career, and for me archiving it after 6 long years up and down on the site is a kinda big deal. But somehow I still don’t find satisfaction after completing the contest yesterday. Oh well, still an achievement, and I thought I should mark this moment. So blog writing should works then, as a way to celebrate and a way to mark my achievement. And besides, this blog site is kinda dead tho, this is just another post for making content :). In this post I will want to talk about… things, randomly, so don’t expect something too crazy (like how to become red).

  • My CP debugging template

    Debugging in competitive programming (CP) is hard. But there are several attempts have been done to ease this process. Some people, including some top CP-ers, have spent their time writing some code, so-called debugging templates. These pieces of code are often used to print out some variables’ value in the code. For example, tourist has his debugging template, which can be seen in some of his submissions here and here. Or Erricto with his ugly debugging template can be seen here (and here is the explanation). Some even go further and make the debugging more joyful by adding color for the output. But some people prefer a simpler approach, and nearly requires nothing, like Um_nik with his printf to stderr.

  • A blog? Pog!

    Yay I created a blog! But that’s actually might be it for now. I sometimes wanted to write, but I don’t know where to dump all of the things. Those things might be gone for good. So I think a blog is a appropriate place just for thought dumping. Also I actually wanted to create this for a while now, but I don’t have time. Now it is summer, and I have time, so I wanted to try this out.